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Rubber Washer Kit 725 - Buna-N 70A, 8 Sizes

Get Your Everyday Washer Needs Covered with BUSY-CORNER's 725 Piece Rubber Flat Washer Gasket Assortment - The Perfect Repair Kit for Any Occasion!

- Convenient Storage Case: The assortment comes in a convenient storage case that keeps the gaskets organized and easily accessible. This makes it easy to find the right size gasket for the job, saving time and effort.
- Cost-Effective: Buying the Busy-Corner rubber flat washer gasket assortment is a cost-effective solution for everyday washer needs. Rather than buying individual gaskets as needed, this assortment provides a comprehensive set of gaskets at a reasonable price, saving money in

Busy-Corner has just introduced their latest product, the 725 Pieces Rubber Flat Washer Gasket Assortment. This kit contains 8 sizes of Buna-N 70A rubber washers, making it the ideal solution for everyday washer needs. The kit is perfect for home repairs, plumbing jobs, and automotive projects. With 725 pieces, you'll have plenty of washers to last you for a long time. The assortment comes in a handy storage case, making it easy to keep organized and find the right size washer when you need it. Get your hands on this Busy-Corner Rubber Flat Washer Gasket Assortment and be prepared for any washer needs that come your way.