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Longdex Rubber Shower Hose Washers (40 Pack)

Upgrade Your Shower Experience with Longdex Shower Hose Washer - 40PCS of Durable 19mm OD Black Flat Rubber!

- Leak-Proof Seal: The Longdex Shower Hose Washer provides a leak-proof seal, preventing water from leaking out of the shower hose. This ensures that your shower remains dry and free from any water damage.
- Cost-Effective: The pack of 40 Longdex Shower Hose Washers provides a cost-effective solution for shower hose maintenance. You can replace the washer as needed, ensuring that your shower hose remains in good condition without the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Introducing the Longdex Shower Hose Washer. This pack of 40 washers is the perfect solution for those looking to replace worn out or leaky washers in their shower hoses. Made from high-quality black flat rubber, these washers are durable and long-lasting. With a 19mm outer diameter, they are compatible with most standard shower hoses. These washers are easy to install and will help prevent leaks and drips, ensuring a more enjoyable shower experience. Don't let a leaky shower hose ruin your day, upgrade to the Longdex Shower Hose Washer pack today.